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It’s inspiring to hear about the journey and vision of DM Pharma straight from the founder’s perspective. Your passion for the pharmaceutical industry and your proactive approach to business development shine through your words. Starting from humble beginnings in 1985, DM Pharma has flourished into a leading contract manufacturing and development company in the healthcare sector. Your emphasis on continuous learning and evolution, coupled with a commitment to social responsibility, sets a commendable standard for the industry.
The focus on modernization in both business strategy and infrastructure reflects a forward-thinking mindset, essential for staying competitive in a rapidly changing market. Your dedication to client satisfaction and quality service underscores the importance of building strong relationships and delivering value to customers.
As you express gratitude to your family, clients, and team, it’s evident that DM Pharma’s success is the result of collective effort and collaboration. With a clear vision and a team driven by innovation and excellence, DM Pharma is well-positioned to continue improving lives and making a positive impact in the healthcare industry.
Thank you for sharing your story and aspirations with us. We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of DM Pharma as it remains a dependable partner in improving life for many.

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DM Pharma is an ISO-certified third-party manufacturing company in Chandigarh that is known as the most trusted firm and has a huge collection of pharmaceuticals that are fully certified by GMP and WHO.


SCO - 166, Sector - 38 C, Chandigarh 160036.

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